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Who We Are

We stand by our motto "ELEVATE.IMPACT.BUILD"

Our ultimate goal at Elevate Her is to empower and impact you in anyway possible. We are big on servicing our clients and your needs. We are here to make an impact. Wether that be from small talk that made you smile to building your successful business. We are here to serve and make a difference in the beauty industry.

  • Leveling up your confidence

    We take the term "service based business" to the heart. We are truly here to serve, and take pride in making sure we are maximizing our clients experience with quality work and quality service.

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  • Empowering your inner BOSS.

    We are here to inspire all woman to chase there dreams and that anything is possible. Our lash courses are developed to give you all you need to succeed in the beauty industry from lash basics to business financials.

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  • Lets Level Up

    Our mission is to impact all of our customers in a positive way. Enhancing your beauty, Building your successful Business, or simply inspiring you to reach your next level in whatever industry you are. We are strong believers that you can be and do whatever you set out to with proper guidance and consistency. We are here to inspire you.


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